Microsoft CRM and Scribe in perfect symbiosis

Microsoft CRM and Scribe in perfect symbiosis

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In this Blog I will gather information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Scribe.

Any issues I might come across will be highlighted and a solution/workaround will be given.

Scribe Update Notifier has stopped working

ScribePosted by Niels Poulsen 2016-11-03 10:07

This service will check for updates to you Scribe Insight solution.

If you get the message "Scribe Update Notifier has stopped working" when logging on to the Scribe server, you need to check the Event viewer.

As shown in below pictures, the error occurs if the "Long date" contains the name of the day (Thursday, November 3, 2016). This can't be pharsed as "Date".

The system format of the server have to be change to a "Long date", that do not contain the weekday.