Microsoft CRM and Scribe in perfect symbiosis

Microsoft CRM and Scribe in perfect symbiosis

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In this Blog I will gather information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Scribe.

Any issues I might come across will be highlighted and a solution/workaround will be given.

Using Scribe to write to SQL tables with spaces in the table name

ScribePosted by Niels Poulsen 2016-04-22 07:56

When using a SQL ODBC connection to write to a table, that have spaces in the table name, you will get an error.

The solution is to use the Scribe OLE DB adapter to connect to the database.

Use this connection setup:

Data Source = The name of the ODBC to the database

Initial Catalog = The name of the database

User = Name of the user

Password = The password for the user

Additional Connect Parameters: = Blank

Use Owner In Queries: TRUE

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