Microsoft CRM and Scribe in perfect symbiosis

Microsoft CRM and Scribe in perfect symbiosis

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In this Blog I will gather information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Scribe.

Any issues I might come across will be highlighted and a solution/workaround will be given.

Unable to reassign an Opportunity in CRM - Related entity does not excist

Microsoft Dynamics CRMPosted by Niels Poulsen 2016-04-22 08:03

If you are having problems reassigning an Opportunity or an other entity, ygis might be caused by the related entities attached to the Opportunity.

Have experienced this in several occations:

This error is caused by the N:1 relation between the Opportunity an the custom entity (new_op...).

The relationship behavior of Assign: "Cascade All" seems to cause this issue. If Assign was set to "Cascade None" we were able to reassign the Opportunity with no problem.

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